Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hibernation Time!

With a quilting class going on at the shop today, I sit here listening to the hum of the sewing machines eagerly wanting to go home and hibernate in my craft room.  With the snow that has fallen this week, the urge is stronger than ever.  Anyone else having this problem?  I get butterflies just thinking about it, it's like puppy love only in this case it's for quilting.  What projects are you working on?


  1. Oh ya! I have a few more quilts to put on the longarm to quilt for clients then I am taking a break for a few weeks to work on my own projects. I can hardly wait to get back to piecing and create a few quilts for myself. I have a Crazy Curves quilt cut out from the templates I bought at your shop so I want to get that done.

  2. Hibernation drive always hits mid-fall to mid-late winter. It's dark all the time, it's cold.. the house is warm, and snuggly.. lets all just hide-away till spring.

    I'll be sewing and cross-stitchering.