Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New fabric!

New fabric has arrived once again!
It's no wonder we all need to work to pay for our addictions! Lots of new lines have come in, like "Red Tractor" (top left) from Case IH, perfect for the little farm boy. "Chloe" (top right) is a beautiful blend of florals and swirls. "Dinos" (center left) would be perfect for any future archeologists. "Flight of the Dragonflies" (center right) is a gorgeous new oriental line infused with gold. "Noah's Tale Patch" (bottom left) is a very cute baby line. "At Home for the Holidays" is a bright, fun Christmas line arriving early enough you're sure to get those projects done! "Lovely" is a lively spring line, bright enough to prepare you for spring. Keep posted, more fabric is on the way!!!

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